Traci Hawkins


Traci Hawkins, the driving force behind Beauty Bungalows, hails from the quaint county town of Oakdale, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Northern California. Coming from a lineage of entrepreneurs, Traci’s passion for business has always been ingrained in her spirit. Her unwavering determination and penchant for success have been the catalysts that turned her dreams into reality.

Traci’s journey into the beauty industry began during her tenure at T3 Micro in 2004, where she showcased hair tools at various hair shows across the United States. It was through these experiences that she realized her heart truly belonged in the world of hair and beauty. Embracing her calling, she obtained her Cosmetology license in 2005-2006 and embarked on a remarkable hairdressing odyssey.

Her initial foray into the world of salons involved managing the front desk of a traditional establishment while diligently assisting to gain a comprehensive understanding of running a successful salon. Four years of dedication later, Traci’s fervent aspiration was realized as she seized the opportunity to establish her very own venture, Porcelain Hair Studio, in 2011. To this day, Porcelain Hair Studio thrives as a symbol of Traci’s unwavering commitment to her craft, nestled in the vibrant heart of Huntington Beach, CA.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Traci’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to extend her passion for hair even further. In 2013, she introduced her own line of hair extensions, aptly named Porcelain Hair Extensions. With an expanding range that includes tapes, halos, weft extensions, and extension classes, Traci’s dedication to empowering fellow professionals within the industry was becoming apparent.

In 2017, the seeds of a grand vision took root as Traci envisioned a space where hairstylists and beauty industry professionals could have a place to call their own—a haven for creativity and personal growth. Thus, Beauty Bungalows was born! The first location, nestled along the world-renowned Main Street in Downtown Huntington Beach, CA, boasted 15 impeccably designed suites.

Since then, Beauty Bungalows has been on an inspiring journey of growth and expansion, reflecting Traci’s unwavering dedication to her vision. In May 2022, a second stunning location adorned with 27 suites, featuring a magnificent lobby adorned with a custom art ceiling installation and a dazzling chandelier, welcomed salon guests in Huntington Beach.

Continuing the trajectory of success, a third location in Clovis, CA, is now open, boasting 29 luxury suites. However, Traci’s ambition knows no bounds. The Beauty Bungalows family is set to grow even more, with the upcoming launch of Beauty Bungalows Roseville in 2024.

Fueled by her unyielding passion, Traci ventured into franchising Beauty Bungalows. Now, she extends this unparalleled opportunity to passionate entrepreneurs across the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Through franchising, Traci aims to ignite the entrepreneurial fire within others, offering them the chance to create their own Beauty Bungalows success stories. For more details, please visit our Franchise website.

At Beauty Bungalows, our driving force is Traci’s unwavering belief in the potential of every dedicated beauty professional. Join us on this empowering journey, where creativity, passion, and entrepreneurship come together to shape a vibrant future in the world of beauty.

Being a part of Beauty Bungalows gives you the freedom to...

  • Create your own brand and image in your luxury suite
  • Personalize your salon space to reflect your image and brand with artwork, paint, wallpaper, music, furniture, and decor
  • Manage your own schedule with 24/7 studio access
  • Set your own pricing for services and products and keep all the profit
  • Enjoy a private setting and give your guests the one-on-one experience they are looking for
  • Sell retail products that you love and trust while also benefiting from the profitability of retail sales
  • Escape salon politics in your own private, secure studio
  • Manage costs with a variety of amenities, utilities and Wi-Fi which are all included